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whos osma bin laden

2011-05-10 10:44:47 by stefanuchiha06

sorry whos osama bin laden


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2011-05-10 11:13:14

What is google?
Where am I?
What does alt + f4 do?


2011-05-10 11:45:38

lol google u dont know or ur fakeing idk about alt f4 do


2011-05-10 11:55:54

Lol, I'm sorry, I thought YOU were being the jokester. My bad.


2011-05-10 16:45:42

a terrible and evil man that planned out and caused 9/11.

thankfully, he has been killed. but there are still some terrorists at large.

just be glad that the big one is dead. so, if your wondering, thats who osama bin laden was.

stefanuchiha06 responds:

i already know now thx